Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fantasy Football Take Two

I realized after my first post about FF that some of you {ok, maybe just my mom} might want to know my team name.
Our league always tries to make really clever team names and this year was no exception.
Last year I was the Philadelphia Kitten Mittens {It's Always Sunny, anyone?}.
This year my team is the Fleet Street Demons {Sweeney Todd, anyone? haha}.

Clearly, my inspiration comes from tv and movies.
My brother came up with a STELLAR name this year.
The Wrongfully Accused and his abbreviation is OJ.
Well, he is an attorney...
I just love playing FF.
Not because I'm good at all, just because it's something fun and different for a girl to do.
And guys are super impressed when they hear some blonde girl randomly bring up her fantasy football team.

DC didn't happen this weekend.
That's what happens when the check engine light pops up and I'm too paranoid to drive 3 1/2 hours by myself.
Understandable, yet disappointing nonetheless!
Instead, I'm making a large grocery list and am planning a fun trip to the store later.
My weekends are crazy!
Here's to hoping yours is, as well.


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