Friday, August 31, 2012

Fantasy Football

About four years ago my brothers needed two extra players for their fantasy football game.
So they did what any guy would do...asked their sister and one one of their wives.
Yes, I have been playing fantasy football for a few years now.
I don't claim to be "good" at it, but it is so much fun to smack talk and it makes football games so much more interesting to watch.
Last night we had our draft.
My roster is so-so, but that's ok.
I think back to my first year when I couldn't even figure out how to pick players and I ended up with a complete auto-drafted team.
Well, anyways, right before the draft we were all chatting in the draft room together and this hilarious conversation ensued between my brothers and:

Mike: This offense is awfull
Aaron: You're aweful
Me: What's 'awful' is both of your spelling...
Aaron: Hahahaha! I've never been so proud to be your big brother

I couldn't stop laughing.
I love my brothers more than anything!
Mike's daughter, Zoey, started kindergarden the other day.
I SO wanted to be there.
She is the most amazing little girl!

AHHH she looks like such a cute little mouse!
I love that girl more than life itself!!

Do you have any exciting plans for the holiday weekend?
Besides having to work Saturday morning for a few hours {BOOOO} I'm undecided about my plans.
I potentially could be going to DC to spend a fun filled weekend there with some friends.
If not, I'll be chillin in good ol' Lynchburg...
So, I'm guessing DC will happen.
Let me know what you have going on.
I hope you all have the most amazing of weekends lovies!!


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  1. Loved this...what's your team name and mascot?
    I told Zoey she had the next two days off school cause it was the weekend and she said, "I have 3 days off." Showed up by a 5 year old!