Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Round I

It's been a crazy couple weeks.
Crazy in a good way.
We celebrated my roommates 25th, went to 1 of many Halloween parties, and I'm officially in love with the show The Walking Dead.

I was Taylor Swift.  That's Joe Jonas and John Mayer on the sign and a Kanye button with a X through it.
Haha I thought it was pretty clever.

Vivian and Alex were Toddlers&Tiaras!
They're adorable! haha

Stephen and Christel on her bday.
This pretty much sums up their relationship.
<3 them!

Yay for birthdays!

I finally found Euro pillows to match my bedding!
It's a bad picture, but they're a greyish-purple color and so pretty.
They match my other accent pillows, but I'm so obsessed with pillows...I need more.

That's pretty much my life through pictures over the past few weeks.
I'm getting ready for another party tonight and I'll post pics of that soon!
I can't wait to see all of your Halloween costumes as well!


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