Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wine&Garlic Festival

Yesterday was such an incredible day.
The weather was beautiful, about 68 degrees, sunny with just enough chill.
I started my morning off meeting a friend from high school.

Dirty Chai Latte's <3

I made a quick stop to Barnes&Noble, you know, "just to look".
I had a stack of 5 books I desperately needed, but walked away with 2...and 1 magazine.
Hello, self-control.

Then it was off to the Wine&Garlic Festival with Alex.
Oh. My. Gosh.
So fun!

We drank, ate, drank, listened to music, scouted out some hotties, and drank some more.
It's hilarious how many "friends" we made while waiting in line for wine samples.
We even had some girls ask to get a picture with us.
People got so much more friendly as the day went on.
I wonder why...

This was at the end of the day after all the wine.
Fried oreos and garlic fries.
I've always thought fried oreos sounded interesting, but had the good sense to stay away from them.
Let me tell you though, they are amazeballs.
Yes, I will be in the gym for an extra 12 hours this week.
Fatties R Us.

We even got a free wine glass.

Alex and I decided to start going to ever festival we could find.
Well, at least the ones involving alcohol and fried oreos...

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend! The chai latte looks sooo good!