Sunday, December 23, 2012

Shopping and a Downton Abbey Marathon

One of my favorite places to shop is the GAP.
There isn't one near me in VA so when I come home I usually go a little crazy there.
That's what happened the other day...

These pants are so fun!
They're a stretchy jean and so soft.
I love the polka dot pattern on them.

I love scarves.
This one is huge and so soft and comfy.

GAP had quite the nautical theme going on.
I couldn't leave without purchasing something with anchors on it.
This shirt is very comfortable and cute.

The girl who helped me at GAP was wearing this sweater and I just had to have it.
It's so classic and adorable.

I've been looking for a mint sweater that I loved for ages.
This v-neck button down has long sleeves and 2 front pockets.
All together it's a winning combination!

I needed a new umbrella, so again I went with the more nautical look.
Navy blue with red polka dots.
The red handle and strap have a leathery feel, which makes it seem pretty durable.

This sweater actually isn't from the GAP.
It's from Eddie Bauer.
I found it 50% on sale!
It looks rather boxy and unflattering on the hanger, but when I put it on it was the perfect combination of cozy and stylish.
My sister-in-law agrees that it's very flattering on.

Well, besides the clothes shopping, I hit up Nordstrom for some makeup as well.

1. Diorskin Nude Tan in Sunlight
3. MAC Lustre Lipstick in Pretty Please {one of my FAVES!}

I finally got a Starbucks cup!
I've wanted one forever and got some cute straws to go with.

And my new glasses!!
I love them.
This pic kind of makes them look too big for my face, but they actually fit my face really well.
I like that the frame is a little thicker than my old glasses which gives it kind of a retro feel.

It was the bro's birthday yesterday.
We went out for some steak and ribs to celebrate!

Like I said in the title of this post, I've been watching Downton Abbey like a crazy person.
I'm slightly obsessed.
As soon as I'm caught up I'll continue with the 24 obsession surely.
I know it sounds like I watch tv 24/7, but I rarely actually sit down to watch a show.
Mostly I just catch up on my shows when I have time.
Once I start school, I imagine I'll be far far behind on my television watching.

Do you watch Downton Abbey?  Who's your favorite character?
- I have loved Sybil from the start, but I have a soft spot for Matthew and Mary!

Do you go shopping crazy during the holidays?
- I try to go shopping for presents for other people and almost always get something for myself as well!

I also got a new skin care kit and will share more about that later.
I want to see how I like it first.

Ok folks, 2 days till Christmas...
I hope you have a happy end of 2012 and are looking forward to exciting things in 2013!


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