Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where Have I Been?!

It's been almost 1 month since my last post.
What has changed?
Well, I got a new position at work {which I didn't think I'd like, but actually love it}, I turned a year older {25 woo hoo!}, and I am currently writing this post from home {Alaskaaaaaa}

Friends getting coffee

My coworkers decorated my desk at work for my birthday.
They even used pink ribbon!
They know me well.

My parents got me these necklaces for my birthday from Anthropologie!

Being home is great and all, but umm...negative 11.
Really, Alaska...really?
Any my parents wonder why I don't want to move home...

I've been home for only a couple of days, but I'm having so much fun.
I love spending time with my family and eating yummy food!

"If you don't wanna date me, that's fine, I get that; but you're wrong and I hate you."
I laughed so hard when I saw this...mostly because it's true.

Well, I'm glad to be back.
I hate missing out on all of the fun happenings of the blogosphere, but I've just been uber busy lately...
...with watching Netflix, I guess.
Current obsession?
I'm about 3/4 of the way through season 3 and just loving it.
When does Freddie Prinze Jr. get on this train cause that's what I'm waiting for!

Alrighty folks, I'm off to look into decorating sugar cookies.
I will post pics once I'm done.
I'm hoping for some beautiful cookies instead of cookies that look like a 5 year old made them.
But just in case they do look like that, I'm having my five year old niece help me.

Are you making any Christmas cookies?  If so, post them so I can see!
Do you watch Netflix?
- I'm obsessed.

Hope you're listening to a lot of Christmas music and eating lots of goodies!

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