Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday and The Bachelor Review!

Hola bugs!
I hope all is well.
I'm just spending some time relaxing, catching up on The Bachelor {don't judge...I know it's retarded!}
But there's been some great A&A moments this week.
Let me discuss...

- There's this guy at work who's super sweet and likes to give me compliments.  Well, today he decided the whole room should hear his compliment.  I'll be honest, I looked cute today.  I wore a cute skirt and a precious green flowy top.  So, I'm walking out of the room and this  guy walks by me and says something too quiet for me to hear.  I said, "What was that?"  He turns around and loudly proclaims, for anyone remotely near us to hear, "You look beautiful today!!"  I just said, "Uhhh...thanks..." and walked away.  Haha!  I'm sure everyone thought I was such a B!
- Getting in bed by 9 and still not falling asleep until midnight!  What is that?!  #nightowl
- If being a Facebook Stalker was a job, I'd be a Pro.  That's almost too awkward to put on my blog...

- I joined a workout group with some people from work.  We meet MWF for an hour after work.  These two guys lead it and it's been awesome!  It's so much easier to eat healthy when I work out regularly.
- Talking to my niece on the phone...
Zoey: "Aunt Lindsey, will you come to Disney with me?"
Me: "Oh Zoom, I wish I could...why don't you ask Grandma to buy me a ticket?"
Zoey: "Grandmaaaaaaa can Aunt Lindsey come to Disney with us?!"
Haha!  She is the cutest cutie on the planet!!
I'm SO super jealous that I won't be able to see her meet Mickey! :(

A quick Bachelor Review:

So far, I think AshLee is amazingly sweet and so gorgeous!  Right now, she's my fave.
Jackie, Selma, and Catherine also seem sweet.  And I really do respect that Selma didn't kiss Sean.
I go back and forth between Katie Holmes {I mean Des} because at first she was adorable, but a couple weeks ago I think she was a little catty.  
Lindsay is hilarious {like us Lindsey's so often are... ;) } and she reminds me or Sarah Michelle Gellar, but I don't think she'll win.
I cannot stand Tierra.
Those are the girls who stick out to me so far.

Well, I'm off to get some Zzzz's before a big celebration tomorrow night.
My friend Vivi turns the BIG 2-1!
I've been saving up all my calories for drinking and dancing tomorrow night!
Hope your weekend is full of fantasticalness, as well!


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