Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Ok loves, get ready for a lot of pictures!
{Using my iPhone, so they aren't that great haha}
I went to Nashville this past weekend and had the most amazing time of my life!
I got to watch my friend get married and see friends from years ago.
I'm basically looking for jobs in Nashville every chance I get now.
The city has this amazing energy.
There was so much to do: Shopping in cute villages, eating delicious food, or hanging out on the Strip.
Those are just a few of the things I did!

What I wore to the wedding.

Oh my word!
The grooms face is just to die for...

My girl, Karlee, who I stayed with.

At The Big Bang, a Dueling Piano bar.
Oh my word it was so cool.
Anyone could put a song request with money on the piano to try to stump the guy playing the piano.
If the pianist couldn't sing the song, the person who stumped them gets all the money on the piano.
I've heard they know every song EVER!

Got to meet up with my cousin after 9 years!

Karlee and I in East Nashville.
Shooting some pool...I suck FYI.

I walked around Vanderbilt and ate at the best Mexican place, Taco Mamacita.
I spent WAY too much money because, well, I was on vaca, after all!
Everyone was so nice and I found myself talking to random people in the cute shops.
Overall, I basically am just in love with that city and the people there.

Have you been to Nashville?
Would you move there?

I'm seriously thinking about it!!
Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. i loove dueling piano bars! so much fun, i went to one in downtown grand rapids a few weeks ago!