Sunday, January 27, 2013


Does anyone else find it hard to work full time, take graduate level classes, exercise, go to Bible study, cook, and still find time to blog?!
Or is it just me?
Cause I'll be honest, what's really taken a backseat is exercise and making healthy meals.
All the progress I've made over the past year I feel is gone.

It's a really frustrating time.
I've slacked off and gotten lazy.
I used to go the gym at least 4 times a week, plus play beach volleyball a few times a week.
I ate pretty healthy but didn't deprive myself.
Mostly, I'm just disappointed that I let myself gain back most of the weight.
I guess I wrote this because I'm looking for some motivation.
I've been reading a lot of health blogs lately, which helps, but I'm still having a hard time sticking with a regiment that works for me.

Anyways...I'm mostly just procrastinating from a paper right now...I should go get back to that.
Happy Sunday!


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  1. I have been TERRIBLE at working out the past few months. I did really well with it during the summer, but when it starts getting cold I just check out mentally. Sounds like you are way busy, girl!