Thursday, January 17, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hola Amigas!
I hope your Thursday is going well.
I am stuck inside my house due to snow, which gives me the chance to procrastinate from home work and blog!
4.0 for me, for sure...*sarcasm*
Here's some A&A junk for ya!

- I started grad school 3 days ago and literally already am tired of it.  How am I going to do 2 years of this crap?
- I put on heels the other day to wear to work.  Good thing I brought flats because I changed into them in the hallway as soon as I walked in.  Like seriously, 2 seconds after I walked in the door...heels came off.  Why do I even try?
- Winter weight.  I spent all Summer losing weight, but come winter and cold weather I put it back on...we'll call it, the hibernating bear.

- Due to the snow, I have a 3 hour delay at work tomorrow!  I'm going to try to wake up at the normal time to get some studying in...we'll see how that goes.
- This meme:

Whether you like Obama or not, this made me laugh out loud.
It's just ridiculous.
- This one too:

LOVE Ryan.
And I love the 2nd Amendment!
A friend posted this on my Facebook wall...she knows me so well.

Well, I should get back to studying watching 24.

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