Thursday, February 14, 2013


The only reason I like Valentines Day is because it mixes my two favorite colors {PINK & RED} and inevitably I eat way too many sweets.
Besides that, I'm somewhat indifferent.
This year, I decided the best Vday gift I could get myself is to get in shape!
Technically, my dad is giving me the gift, but still...haha
I just signed up for CrossFit!
I am excited, nervous, motivated, nervous, insane, and did I mention I was nervous?!
I've been obsessively looking at pics from Pinterest.
Here are some of my faves and hopefully what I will be able to reach if I work hard:

Seriously, those legs!

Haha Oh Ryan...I haven't even started yet, but thanks baby!
But for reals, can I look like that?
I have no clue...all I can do is try!

I want to heard your CrossFit stories.
Wish me luck.
Happy Valentines, loves!