Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Madness

Yes, I filled out a March Madness bracket.
Yes, I was in first place in my office as of yesterday!
My goal was to beat a lot of boys and I think I started out strong and really proved myself.
This is also how I'm spending my weekend.

Basketball and Oikos Greek frozen yogurt.
Today I'm pretty much doing the same thing.

I pulled an ab muscle a couple of weeks ago so I took this week off from CrossFit.
It's been tough.
I really enjoy starting my day off with a challenging workout.
I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but I had to go to the doctor.
The pain was horrible.
You don't really realize how much you use your core for so many different moves.
Just sharply turning the steering wheel of my car made me cringe.
Is it normal to use your stomach muscles when you drive? Haha
Hopefully I'll be completely healed by Monday or Tuesday!

Also, I had a TOTAL starstruck moment the other night!
I recently have become obsessed with Candice Kumai.
She's a former model turned chef.
She's called the Stiletto Chef.
I love that.
So cute!
She is a cookbook author, judge on Iron Chef America, and overall just adorable.

I posted this picture on Instagram.

I tagged Candice in the picture and said, "Just bought Candice Kumai's cookbooks!  SO excited to try the recipes!  She's so gorgeous and fun!  We'd totally be real life friends!"
I wasn't expecting a reply from her, but I got one!!!
She said, "Of course we would be Lindsey!  Thank you my new friend!!  Wait until Playing With Fire airs on E! Sunday honey! Xxx."
And then she commented AGAIN!
"I'm so flattered by this post! Xx."
I flipped.
I called my mom.
I posted it on FaceBook.
I just freaked.
I just love her blog.
I'm so excited to watch her on Playing With Fire.
I'll be sure to keep you updated on the recipes {that all look amazeballs!!}
I hope you're enjoying your weekend!
Talk to you soon, loves!


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  1. Show those boys how it's done. Linds! I look forward to your shared recipes.