Thursday, April 11, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Hi friends!
I hope your week is better than great!
Mine has been pretty good...a few ups and downs, but overall, I can't complain.
I'm excited to just take some time tonight to catch up on all of your blogs!
I've missed them.
But first...I have to do a little A&A!!

- No one recognizing me because of my new hairstyle...oh yeah!  I got my hair done!

A guy at work told me I have Zooey Deschanel hair!
Big shout out to my girl/hairdresser, Heather S!
Everyone has loved my hair, but friends have walked right by me, looked at me funny when I say hi, and a few have even screamed when they realized it was me.
Too funny!
It is a big change and I love it.
It's been so fun.

- Trying a handstand at CrossFit...
     Instructor: "Ok, I'm going to help you.  If you want to bail, the word is 'bail'."
     Me: Kick my leg up and he grabs them and tells me to straighten my arms...I start flailing around...fall back on my face and THEN yell "BAIL BAIL BAIL!"
But let's be honest, I was just impressed I could kind of do a handstand!

- How my love for the show Sons of Anarchy is making me love 'bad boys' even more.  There's such thing as scruffy, tattooed, badass guys with a kind heart right?!  I will not give up hope.

- Lynchburg's obsession with getting married by the age of 21.  I'm practically a nun here.

- I put down the deposit on my VERY OWN apartment yesterday!  I feel like such an adult. (minus the part where my parents helped me pay the deposit...).  I will post pics as soon as I move in, around mid-May!  It will be very sad and pathetic at first seeing as I don't currently own much furniture.  But I'll be scouring Pinterest and TJ Maxx for ideas.

- My new haircut...duh!

- Talking to my male coworker about Pretty Little Liars...he legit told me his fiance didn't make him watch it with her...nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure!

Well loves, I'm about to call it a night.
I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and happiness!


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