Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye June

The year is half way over.

So much has happened, and yet, I'm still in the exact same place I was six months ago.
Here's a quick summary of my life as of late.

- The reason I haven't been blogging is because I don't have internet/cable at my new apartment.
It's kind of sad, but I'm doing ok without it.
I try to stay busy with friends, going to the pool, working out, etc...
I PROMISE I will get some apartment pics up soon!
It's cute space, I just need to finish decorating it.

- I finally went to the doctor after several months of "shin splint" pain.
We realized it is not shin splints at all.
In fact,  it is most likely Exertional Compartment Syndrome.
This means I am not able to run anymore.
So, my goal of running a half marathon is pretty much kaput.
My Physical Therapist thinks I just need to continue to stretch and do exercises, but the facia around my muscles don't expand, causing horrible pain.
*Good News* I have been doing CrossFit and it doesn't cause pain {minus the part where I've had trouble walking since we did the 100 unbroken Thrusters on Thursday...}

- One of my good friends is participating in a fitness competition this fall.
All of her hard work is motivating me.
I most certainly do not want to do a comp anytime soon {or at all, most likely} but it's fun to have someone to talk with about goals, health, and working out.

Umm...nothing too exciting, I guess.
Well, I'll just throw in some delicious food pictures for good measure...

I went out to dinner last night for Restaurant Week.
Locally owned restaurants feature an appetizer, entre, and dessert for either $15 or $25.

This was the delicious app: Reuben Eggroll...soooo good!

I forgot to take a pic of the fish tacos...but they were so yummy!

The dessert: Bread Pudding with enough rum sauce to make me feel like I was in the Carribean ;)Well, that's my life, I guess.

Fun times indeed.
Speaking of fun...I'm off to work...on a Saturday.
I will be catching up on your blogs soon!


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  1. So happy you're back, I've missed your blogs.