Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Monday

I sing this every Monday morning when I wake up, bright eyed and bushy tailed.

I am NOT, what you would call, a morning person.
I can't believe I used to get up at 5am to go to CrossFit.
Speaking of CrossFit...
The games are coming up!!
Not planning on watching them?
Here's two reasons that may change your mind...
Exhibit A:
Rich Froning

Exhibit B:
Dan Bailey
Yes. Please.

I don't have cable at my house {the things I'll do to save money!} so you best believe I'll be going to friends houses to watch the games!

On a different note, I'll be leaving for the week to OKC.
My best friend from high school, Brittany, is getting married!!
I haven't seen her in 6 years!
I told her if she finds me a cowboy, I will move there.
I've never been to Oklahoma, but I imagine it's something like this...

Yes, I did google "hot cowboys" to find this picture.
You're welcome.
I might have to add the label "shirtless men" to my blog, too.
This is getting ridiculous.

Anyways, I'm back to work, so I will keep you updated on wedding festivities!


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  1. hhahahah thanks for the laugh! and PS thats what texas cowboys look like!