Monday, July 29, 2013

Oklahoma City

I'm back from Oklahoma!
No, I didn't find a cowboy to marry.
But I did have a pretty great time.
I hadn't seen my beautiful hs bestie for 6 years, but you would never know it by how we acted.
It's as if we hadn't been apart for even 1 day.
We had the best time, the wedding was beautiful, and hopefully I'll get to visit again soon!

Me with another bridesmaid from high school, Jeannette

With the beautiful bride before the bachelorette party

Getting ready for the wedding!

She was going for the Kim Kardashian dramatic look 

Leaving the reception with her husband!

I'm so happy I got to go.
We hardly slept, there was some stress, I could barely walk back down the aisle because the heels were so high, but SO worth the trip to see my bestie!

It did, however, confimed my decision to elope one day...


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  1. Hahaha, yes, elope!!! And, don't be a weiner! :) I misssss you!!!!!! Love you and thank you sooo much for being there!