Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I tried to sit down and write this post a few times.
I was too busy, didn't have the right words, or was just too lazy.
Too busy because I was packing.
Not the right words because it happened so fast.
Too lazy because...well, I just am sometimes.
The reason for all the stress and craziness {and why I haven't posted in a month!} is because I moved!
Not just a quick move down the street or to another nearby town.
I moved across the country continent last week!
I decided at the beginning of August I wanted to move back home to Alaska.
By mid August I had someone to rent my apartment, someone to buy my car, and all my furniture sold.
It happened SO quickly and I clearly took it as a sign that it was the right thing to do.
Before, anytime I got an idea in my head about moving, I would quickly start to feel panicky and change my mind.
This time, I kept saying, "I just want to be home."
I wouldn't credit it to being "homesick", but being with my family is definitely a plus.
Really, it was just a great place and time to start over.
I had been in Virginia for 7 years and I didn't see my future being there.
I was unhappy with where I was at.
I didn't hate my job, but it definitely wasn't a dream job.
I had a few good friends, but I was lonely.
Overall, I knew moving home would be the best move.
I will have the opportunity to save money, finish my masters, figure out my future...
All the while, I get to be with my family.

Playing a game with my niece.
I can't believe she's already 6 years old!! 

At the Phillip Phillips concert/fair with my mom the day after I got home.
It was rainy and cold, but SO fun!

<3 Phillip <3
He was really awesome to watch on stage.

So, from now on, most of my pictures will be of family, lots of snow, and hopefully happy times ahead!


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