Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Single Woman

Recently, I started reading a blog called The Single Woman.
I was immediately hooked.
She is 34, single, and fabulous!
I love how candid and honest she is.
It is partially what motivated me to write my 35 by 35 and to really grasp every opportunity for adventure that I can.
I have had many people comment on my status as a single 26 year old.
Some are "just wondering", while others are just plain rude.
This post said exactly what I've been feeling for years on the subject.
My favorite line: "...wonder if it has ever occurred to him that the very reason there are so many single women on the planet is because we would rather spend our lives alone than with someone like him?!"
Those very words have come out of my mouth on a few occasions.
Some guys are just duds.
I'm lookin' for a stud!

My moms friend gave me this card several years ago.
It makes me laugh every time I look at it, especially because she is married {and happily so}.
I feel like I harp on this subject a lot, but it's the stage of life I'm in, so why not?
Married bloggers talk about their husbands.
Mom bloggers talk about their babies.
I'm going to talk about being single and fabulous!

I want this to be an encouragement for other women in the same boat as I am in.
There is nothing wrong with being 26, 36, or 86 and single!
Don't listen to that crazy relative who thinks you're a nun because you didn't get married right after college.
There's no time limit on when love can happen.
The truth is, I have fallen for some losers.
I've probably passed up some great guys in my attempts to win over the idiot who put me in the friend-zone from day 1.
But I don't regret a single moment of that because I learned a lot.
I learned how to stand up for myself.
I learned how to be on my own and be ok with it...No, how to love it {most days anyway!}
And now, I'm so comfortable with the single life that a guy would have to be pretty awesome for me to give that up.
I'm sure he's out there though. ;)
Until that day comes, I'm happily going through life, looking for adventure, and appreciating each opportunity that comes my way.
Whether you're single, dating, married, or "it's complicated", I hope you're doing the same!


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