Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Already

I feel like such an old lady when I say that time seems to go by faster with every year that passes.
Even though I didn't technically make New Year's resolutions this year, I did write the 35 by 35 and I have some other goals I've been working on for a while.
Erica Ashley is having a link up for monthly goals.

I decided to join in on the fun and write down my goals for February.
That way I won't have any excuses, such as, "I forgot..." or "I never said that."
They'll be listed right here so denial will just be a river in Egypt if I don't do accomplish these.

1. I'm on my journey to losing 70 pounds. So far I have lost 10 pounds, 2% body fat and 14 inches overall {including 5 whole inches from my waist!} Also, losing your boobs is a small price to pay for being in shape, right? Sigh. This month I really want to focus on eating healthier and lose 5 more pounds! In the past I have been successful with weight loss because I ate clean and worked out consistently. Well, I have definitely been tearing it up in the gym. Lifting heavy, running a couple of miles everyday, going to Zumba or an abs class once in a while...but my eating, that's a different story. The other day I had this realization that it's completely up to me. My trainer can't lose the weight for me, my mom can't either {though I'll certainly let her cook for me sometimes}. This is my battle and I'm the only one who can win. Well, technically lose...but you know!

Sorry for the long winded rant about how I'm a 26 year old woman needing to lose weight.
Bet you've never heard that one before...

2. Get a job. This one is painful. When I moved back to Alaska in September I was SURE I would be able to find a job quickly. Well, 5 months later and still nothing. It's getting to the point of ridiculousness. I applied for 4 jobs this past week and then immediately texted my two high school besties to tell them if I, a woman in her mid twenties with a college degree, can't land any of these jobs  I might as well set adrift on a piece of wood out into the Arctic Circle. That was kind of dramatic, but you get the point. I need a job.

3. Make it a point to get out of the house more. Because I can search and apply for jobs on the internet I really don't have to leave the house often. Minus my time at the gym, I find myself cooped up at home a lot. This is no bueno for me. I can definitely be a home body, but I hate being at home all day long. This also leads into number 4...

4. Make some friends! I've never in my life had a hard time finding friends. In high school, I was involved in everything from sports to drama. Senior year, I was homecoming queen. College was a breeze and I made so many friends that will last a lifetime. But now that I'm back at home it's been a challenge. I looked on recently to find events in my area. Some of the groups I found were "Crossdressers and the women who like them", "Meet fellow nudists", and a group specifically devoted to food storage for emergencies...that was a bust. I'm not interested in finding my new group of friends at a bar either. I know my best bet is getting involved in a church group and I'm doing plenty of stalking to find the right one.

If you're reading this and you live near Anchorage, Alaska, let's hang out! ;) haha

I didn't intend for my goals to be so long.
Why couldn't I just have 1 sentence goals?
Because I like to ramble and make things complicated.
Anywho, I would love to hear your New Years resolutions or this months goals in the comments!
Happy February!



  1. Congrats on your weight loss!!!! That is amazing! Hahaha there is nudist colony in Alaska? Wouldn't that be sort of cold!? I love the goal though about going out and meeting new people :) Can't wait to read how the month goes for you!

    1. I thought the exact same thing about the nudist, it's so strange! haha Thanks, hopefully by the end of the month I have some good news to report :) Good luck with your monthly goals, as well!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss- that's awesome! And I know what you mean about finding friends after college- it's hard! One thing I've found is just doing things you like to do by yourself (or with one buddy) and meeting people there. Like going to painting class, and making friends with the person next to you, or something like that. It works!

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