Monday, February 17, 2014

Hockey for Valentines

Like my post on Valentines Day suggested, I normally spend that day with my best girl friends.
This year, however, I was in Alaska while my closest friends all live in the south.
It stung a little bit to see a picture of them enjoying their wine, chocolate, and movie night.
Apparently life goes on without me there!
Who knew? ;)
This year, I opted for a hockey filled Valentines weekend.
What could be better than watching hot hockey players?!
I often forget that I'm 26 and most of them are 23 or younger college kids...
Regardless, I love going to the games.
It was really important for us to win this weekend because there was a 3 way tie for for third place in their league.
Friday night we went into over time and tied 2-2.

Saturday night was a little different.
The first period was a little scary.
The Falcons scored first and the Seawolves only had 3 shots on goal.
The third period got super exciting and we ended up winning 5-2!

I stole this picture from my brothers FB page.

It was a crazy game and a fun weekend.
I'm sad that I never went to a NHL game when I lived in the south.
I've been getting a lot of sports watching in lately because of the Olympics.
I'll have to do another post on my favorite moments of the games so far!
I tend to get emotional and patriotic while watching the Olympics.
Plus, it's just so amazing to watch their dreams come true and hard to watch them make mistakes after spending their lives preparing for this moment.
Anyways, I'll post on all that soon.

Did you do anything fun for Valentines?

Do you like hockey?

Have you been watching the Olympics?

Happy Monday, friends!



  1. Just stumbled across your blog- nice seeing another blogger from AK! Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day!

    1. Fun to see another AK blogger who loves makeup, fashion, and home decor as much as I do! haha What part of AK do you live in?

  2. Hockey for Valentines Day... LOVES! My only request for the big day was all the junk food I have been craving since doing this cleanse. Then we got the snow storm and I chowed down on pop tarts, twinkies, candy, candy, candy, ice-cream... the list goes on and I sound like a COMPLETE fatty now! hahaha. Also, we've been watching the Olympics like camps! Too bad America isn't doing well at pretty much anything! Miss you tons :)

    1. Oh man, I've definitely been eating my fair share of junk food lately. Blah. I didn't know you were doing another cleanse! Is it the one where you just eat tons of veggies and fruit? I am SOOOOOO bummed at how the USA/Canada hockey game played out. It was bad. But super happy about Davis and White won ice dancing which was fun!