Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Third Blogaversary!

I can't believe I've been blogging for three years!
It's so fun to look back at old posts and see how much has changed, prayers that have been answered, and all the celebrations I have gotten to be a part of.
I look at my first post, I had no idea what to write about.
I didn't know how to introduce myself or what to was like the awkward first day of school.
So, I just wrote about what I
One thing I love about blogging is that it's like a diary, except I'm putting it out there for anyone to read.
I hate my handwriting, so writing in a diary always frustrated me.
It would look messy and then I'd get anxious that if my diary was one day published after I died, everyone would know how crazy I was and what horrible penmanship I had!
Yeah, I'm weird sometimes.
It can be sad to see old posts with friends who are no longer in my life, but that's exactly what it
People come and go so we can learn from one another and grow from the relationship.
I laugh when I see that I wrote posts solely dedicated to frozen yogurt.
I must of had nothing exciting to write about, but wanted to write something.
You can read one of my favorite posts here.
Every time I watch the video I start thinking of what I truly want to do with my life.
Dreams usually stay dreams because people are too afraid to execute them into reality.
I'd rather fall flat on my face chasing a dream than have never tried and live a boring life.
I wrote Dear Boys when I was feeling especially fired up about a certain boys behavior towards me.
The funny things is, I can't even remember which boy in particular it was now.
Safe to say, he wasn't worth enough to leave a lasting impression, so I'm glad it never worked out.
My most read post is entitled 'Ryan Gosling'.
Literally, it is just a post about how much I love Ryan Gosling and it has almost 3,000 views.
Maybe I'll title all of my posts 'Ryan Gosling' so I can up the page views.
No, that would be silly...
I love the blog community.
I've had fun conversations and exchanged emails with a few blog friends.
Hopefully one day I'll be able to meet some of you.
One thing I hope to get better at on this blog is my photography.
A lot of pictures that I post on here are meme's or pinterest pics.
I mean, I live in Alaska!
Shouldn't I have amazing pictures of the Northern Lights and bears all over?
One would think.
That's one of my goals on my 35 by take a photography class.
Hopefully soon!
I'm just super grateful for the people who read my blog, comment, means the world to me.
This blog started out with 1 reader, hi mom!
And even though I don't have thousands of readers/subscribers, I am perfectly happy writing for anyone and everyone who comes across my little world on the web.
So, thanks again for the support and encouragement.
Hopefully I have another three years of blogging in me! :)


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