Thursday, February 13, 2014

Most Annoying Thing About Couples

If you're single, Valentines is probably the stupidest holiday on the planet.
Everyone is excited about their plans, getting dressed up and going to fancy restaurants and you're all like, "I'll be in my sweatpants with the only three men I'll ever need: Ben&Jerry, and Jose Cuervo."
In honor of V-Day, I've decided to share some super annoying things that couples do in hopes of making your singleness seem a bit more awesome.

1. Writing Facebook posts/commenting back and forth to each other.

2. P.D.A.

3. When they try to set you up with their random, ugly friends because they "hate seeing you alone."

4. Eating off each others plate.

I don't think so, buddy.

5. Sitting on the same side of the booth at restaurants.

Is there a reason you need someone's face 6 inches from yours at all times?
It's awkward.

6. Couples who can't be apart for more than 5 minutes.

You get the point.
Someday us singletons will get into a relationship and most likely join in on some of these annoyances.
Until then, we can continue making fun of these couples.

Disclaimer: I love all of my couple friends and mean no offense, even if you do these things!
All clips are from Tumblr.


  1. haha i love this list! especially since i felt the same way about pretty much all of them even after kenny and i started dating and still roll my eyes when i see couples sitting on the same side of the booth because it annoys me! i will say that i am the culprit for trying Kennys food everyone in a while :) -he always makes a face at me like he is grossed out that my fork touched his plate!

    1. Too funny! Out of all of these, the eating off each others plates isn't too annoying and I KNOW I'll probably do that too haha. But the sitting on the same side of the booth...I can't even deal with that! haha