Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Top 5 Tuesday

I'm joining Just Peachy today with her re-introduction to Top 5 Tuesday!

Todays topic, favorite romantic movies, is in honor of Valentines Day!
You can find Valentines T5T from 2012 here.
Since the topic is the same, I'll just have to pick another list of my favorite romantic movies!
Shouldn't be too hard.
Favorite Romantic Movies {Part 2}:

5. You've Got Mail

I love that scene!
Tom, you are the best.
As Mindy {The Mindy Project} says, "I don't get why Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan even do movies without the other in them."
I agree 100%, Mindy!

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Ryan Gosling AND Emma Stone?
Yes please!!
She is my favorite and he...well, I think we can all agree he's the best.
I love that this movie follows a few different relationships and connects them all.
It's cute how Jacob settles down so quickly after meeting Hannah.
Like he's just been waiting for a girl who's worth changing for.

3. Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is one of my absolute favorite movies.
I'm a sucker for musicals and, seriously, has anyone ever been this in love before?
I don't know, I just don't know.

2. Pride & Prejudice {duh}

Is there any movie scene that takes your breath away like this one?
The soundtrack, Mr. Darcy's accent, the sun shining behind them...
I die!
Honestly, I'm more of a Jane {I even played her in my high school production of P&P. Which is why I spent the majority of my junior year talking in a British accent}.
Mr. Bingley would be the one to catch my eye first because he is so kind more outgoing than Darcy.
But once Mr. Darcy lets down his guard, he is so precious.

1. My Best Friends Wedding

Yes, yes, YES!
This movie is number 1 for a reason.
I can remember back to my junior year in high school, watching this movie and identifying with Julia's character so much.
I was never really one to bare my soul to the people I had feelings for.
This movie, and some life experiences, has really helped me understand the importance of being in meaningful relationships and knowing when to put my heart on the line.
It might sound silly, but every time I watch this, I plead with Julianne to tell Michael how she feels about him during this boat scene.
Also, The Way You Look Tonight is my all time favorite song which makes this scene a double shot to the heart.

I can't wait to read your top 5 favorite romantic movies and I hope that your Valentines is filled with lots of chocolate and love!


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  1. Thanks for linking up! I considered My Best Friend's Wedding too - great movie!!