Monday, April 28, 2014

Online Dating?

I did it.
I ventured into the scary, awkward, and sometimes creepy world of online dating.
I thought it would be funny to document some of the guys I encounter and their crazy messages.
So far, these are the types of guys that have stuck out to me:

The guy who doesn't know who Coldplay is. How is this possible?!
The guy who thinks cheesy pick up lines really work.
The guy who messages me with just his number. Umm...delete.
The guy who's old enough to be my father and continues to ask me out.
The guy who contradicts everything I mention I want in my profile, but messages me anyway.
The guy who gets irrationally angry when I don't message him back.

So, with all these weirdos, why am I even trying?
There's a saying about Alaska.
"The odds are good, but the goods are odd."
This is definitely true.
To be honest, I am not a fan of internet dating.
I don't look down on anyone who meets their significant other online, I just never thought it would be for me.
What I've come to realize is meeting guys after college is really hard.
I'm not into the bar scene.
My work schedule makes it hard to get involved in a small group at church.
I work with 25 women and 3 gay men...not any options there.
What happened to meeting a hot, single doctor in the produce section at the grocery store?
So anyways, right now I'm just in the talking online phase, meaning I haven't actually met anyone in person yet.
In assuming this next phase will come, there have been a few things running through my mind.

What if he's not as cute in person? (I'm not trying to be shallow, but I think it's a valid thing to question)
What if he is really strange in real life? Like the Brad Paisley song goes, "I'm cooler online."
What if he's way into me, but I'm not into him or vice versa?

Then I stop and remember, it's one date.
It's my life.
I have the power to say yay or nay.
If we go out for coffee (because dinner would be way too long if he turns out to be crazy) and I'm not feeling it, I can be honest.
Then hopefully, I won't ever see him again. haha
I definitely have to mention the safety precautions, as well.
Obviously if you try online dating be smart about when and where you meet.
Drive yourself, go to a public place, don't be alone with matter how long you've talked, he is a stranger and you should treat him as such.
Heck, I might even tell him I know how to use a gun...just in case he ends up being a serial killer.
Probably not necessary, but it can't hurt, right?

I will keep you in the loop about how this whole thing goes down.
I'm not really believing that anything will come from it, but at least it's some options!
Let me know if you've tried online dating.
I want to hear the horror stories and I'm sure I'll have some for you soon, too!

XO Linds


  1. omg... please tell them you know how to use a gun and that you have older bigger brothers (and friends in other states) that will find him and beat him up. lolol Miss you friend!

    1. Hahaha!! I should whisper to him, "I have a gun in my purse..." The only guy I would like to meet right now doesn't seem threatening. And he loves hockey ;) haha

  2. I used to think online dating was crazy, but nowadays, it's pretty much the only way. I was lucky I met my husband at work, but if I met him online I would love him just the same. I love that you are documenting the process, because it can most definitely be hilarious!

    1. haha It definitely is hilarious!! And crazy and creepy all rolled into one! haha