Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Car!

After 15 years, my {well, really my parents'} trusty SAAB has decided to kick the bucket.
I drove that car my senior year in high school and also the past two years I've been back home in Alaska.
I think maybe the day I got my drivers license
I decided it was time to make an adult decision and buy a car.
I opted for a brand new car because that's just how I roll {and mostly because I want it to last me the next 15 years, so I think the car payments are worth it}.
I couldn't be more happy with my Subaru Legacy!
Right after I got it, the parking garage at work was doing some construction and of course got some adhesive on my brand new baby!
They were really cool about it and paid to get it fixed.
Otherwise, I would of had a cow, but it all worked out.
Making car payments is not fun, especially on top of student loan payments.
I was hoping to have my own apartment by now, but not paying rent is the only option at the moment.
I'm toying with the idea of getting a second job at Sephora again.
Part time, extra money, Holiday gratis...yes please!
In other news, it's September!
Bring on the Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, Fall candles from Bath & Body Works, boots & scarves...my favorite time of year {until it snows and I have an excuse to drink hot chocolate and consume all things peppermint}.
I have some really exciting stuff happening and coming up soon, so I will be blogging more often to keep you all up to date.
I always forget how much of a sanctuary this blog was for me when I first created it, and I love having a creative outlet.
Until next time!

XO Lindsey

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