Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Musings

What I'm Listening To: TingleBelleASMR
When I need to relax before bed, I always watch her YouTube videos.
For anyone who doesn't know, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response.
It basically means you get tingles or sensations along your neck or spine when you hear certain sounds.
Lots of hair brushing and tapping.
It's nice for some people and some people find it super creepy.
What do you think?

What I'm Reading: American Lion by Jon Meacham
I asked my family for good historical book recommendations.
I have really fallen off the reading train this past year and I'm really bummed about it because I used to read a lot.
I wanted to read non fiction since I tend to stick with fiction and novels.
I just started it, but I think I'm going to like it.

What I'm Watching: Girls!

This is the final season!
Lena Dunham's character drives me crazy, but the rest are really funny.

What I'm Eating Drinking: Plexus Slim!

I've replaced my morning coffee with this.
I don't love that it's marketed mostly as a way to lose weight because there are so many other benefits for it.
But burning fat, not muscle, is a huge factor for the name and also why it sells so well!
It gives me natural energy, helps with my stomach issues, keeps my skin clearer than it's been in a while, and it tastes so good!
If you're interested in trying a sample, feel free to email me linds.a.peterson @ {I put the space there so robots can't get ahold of my email ;) but don't put a space before or after the @ if you email me} and I'll send you a sample!

What I'm Wearing: Smartwool Socks
I pretty much Smartwool socks everyday.
If I'm working, I wear the no show's with my sneakers.
In the winter I wear the thicker pairs under my boots.
I also wear the micro cut pairs when I work out.
Smartwool isn't sponsoring this post, I'm just obsessed with them!

What have you been loving lately!?
Let me know in the comments and happy Monday!

xo Lindsey

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