Monday, September 19, 2011

Manic Monday

Hello friends!
Well, Monday's aren't really manic for me since I have them off {except I start working Monday's in 2 weeks} but I love that song.
I'm back from WV after an adventure of white water rafting!
It was so fun!
It was my first time and we had a great raft of people and the guide was awesome.

That's me in the pink helmet and my roommate, Christel, in the yellow helmet.
We were laughing the whole time, partly because all the guys {that we didn't know at all} were telling dirty jokes, and partly because we kept getting destroyed by waves!
I was happy that I didn't fall in once.
I was really nervous at first, but now we're planning on going back and going on the harder course.

In other recent news, that job I told you about just did not work out.
Without going into detail, the boss was a maniac...I seriously quit at lunch!
It was quite the tough 5 hours! haha
Good thing I have these awesome girls.

Kate, Heather, Christel, and me

Love them!!
And, my boss at the deli totally gave me my job back.
Looks like it's a win-win for everyone! haha
Well, I have a bit of a cold so I'm going to go sleep the rest of the day in hopes of getting better soon!
Have a wonderful Monday!


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