Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!
I certainly did.
It started out early for huevos rancheros and mimosas!
What an excellent way to start the morning, no?
Actually, it started out with me wearing this...

When I turned on the lights my dads dog went crazy!
She barked at me and I couldn't stop laughing.

After a relaxing morning we opened presents.

Momma with her new hat.
So cute!

Zoey with the book I got her.
It's seriously so cute!
You open it and it goes through the alphabet talking about all sorts of pink things.

Here's a shot of what I got for Christmas!
I always get a season of One Tree Hill {my favorite show} from my mom.
My brother and his wife usually get me a Juicy charm for my bracelet too.
This year it was a pink and gold crown.
How appropriate...because I think I'm a princess.
I asked for the Crest white strips and the parentals came through!
My mom told me back in July that she was getting me those MAC brushes with different color tips and I was so excited!
They're adorable and I will probably only use them on occasion because I don't want them to fade fast.
But they will sure look cute mixed in with my other brushes.
My parents also got me this cute OPI nail polish called Princesses Rule along with about 10 perfume samples.
I love little perfume samples and probably have about 20-30.
I won't have to buy perfume for a long time!
The camera was a complete surprise from my other brother and his wife.
I really wanted a new one, but hadn't asked for it.
My brother just remembered that I had said I wanted a new one a while back.
Props to him!
We forgot to take a family picture, but we always go out to a nice restaurant for New Years Eve so I'll make everyone pose pretty for the {new} camera then!
I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and that your week before New Years is special as well!!


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  1. wow, and I thought my crazy Christmas sweater that actually has jingling bells on it was bad! :)