Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Top 5 Tuesday and Lent FAIL

Ok guys, remember how I said I was giving up desserts for Lent?
Well, I am semi-ashamed to let you know that I quit in my last week!
I don't know why I decided the last week was the best time to give up, but I did.
Here's the thing though, I ate 2 cupcakes on Saturday and it was totally worth it!
Except for the fact that I felt slightly sick afterwards...
I told my mom {since we were doing Lent together} and she laughed.
I just felt like I should tell y'all my failure so you don't feel bad if you have failed at something non-important as well.

Alrighty, well todays Top 5 Tuesday is something near and dear to my heart...

I love makeup so much.
I can't go a day without at least some tinted moisturizer and mascara and blush.
Here are my top 5 faves!

1. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

Found Here

This makes my skin glowingly perfect.

2. Lancome Hypnose Drama

Found Here

I really love the way this mascara makes my lashes look very long and full.
I want to try the new Doll Lashes also.

3. Nars Blush in Orgasm
Found Here

This is such a pretty shade.
It gives my cheeks the perfect flush and a tiny hint of shimmer.

4. Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo in Strawberry Fudge

Found Here

I have been using this shadow for years.
It is perfect and looks great with brown eyes.

5. Mac Lipstick in Pretty Please

Found Here

This is the prettiest nude-pink lipstick ever.
It has a slight hint of pink and shimmer.
It's my go to lipstick for all occasions.

Let me know what your go to beauty products are so I can try them out!
Happy Tuesday, friends!



  1. Ahhh! I use strawberry fudge too :)Great colors!

  2. I love that bars blush! It'd my goes-with-everything color :)

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks so much!!