Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dear Boys

Dear Boys,

I know you probably already think the world of yourselves, but, just so you know, we think you're attractive.  We might roll our eyes, but we think it's cute that you act like you're so strong.  We like it when you give us attention.  We get excited when you text us to just say hi.  Sometimes just that smile is enough to make us start sending out wedding invites {ok, maybe not that crazy...} What we don't like is when you talk to us all day Friday and then treat us like we have the plague on Monday.  Seriously, what is that?!  It makes us feel like we look like this when we talk to you...

I know us girls overanalyze every single thing, and I'm sure that's annoying, but it really messes with our heads when you ignore us.  You want to play hard to get?  Fine.  We'll play harder.

Game On,


  1. HA HA! Seriously, loved this post!

  2. Hahahahahahahahaha this is awesome!

  3. Love it!! Keep 'em coming!!