Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What Up, Wednesday

Today, my dear friend Ana informed me that she has never had a toasted pop tart.
Can you imagine?!
I hate cold pop tarts.
It's like eating celery.
I haven't eaten a pop tart in years because, let's be honest, they're not that good, but when she said "s'mores pop tart" I just imagined the gooey chocolate and the perfectly toasted pastry crust.
Then she said she was eating it not toasted...this is the only way I can think to sum up my feelings about that.

Anyway, I got a few messages, comments, and texts about my post yesterday.
My friend Alex texted me and said, "I wish it was the 50's still where boys tell you straight up if they are talking to you because they're interested in you.  They didn't waste time back then!"
Haha Well said!

I'm happy that times have changed in some areas, but their outfits were killer back then!
Speaking of the 50's, have you been watching Dallas?!
{I know the original show ran in the 80's and not the 50's, but that was the only way I could think to segue into my next topic}
Anyways, I really like it!
Just what I need, another show to watch...
But I figured since I'm not watching The Bachelorette this season {snooze fest} I should fill that time with another show.
It all makes sense in my mind!
Well, I hope you all had an excellent Wednesday!
I'm going to the gym for some boot camp fun, so I should probably get out of bed...


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  1. I *do* love me some 50s-style clothes!

    That first gif about looking at people and not seeing anything worth liking is PERFECTION. haha