Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Call Me Insane

Hello lovies!
Where to start...
Well, how about with the biggest news from the past few weeks.
I started doing Insanity two weeks ago.
The workouts are tough.
I don't love cardio circuits and that is basically all insanity is; however, it is the best workout for weight loss, which was why I started it in the first place.
I did the first week and then my friend Megan asked me to restart it so she could join.
Saturday I completed the first week { I've done 2 weeks} and today I officially started week 2.
I honestly really like it a lot.
I sort of expected the videos to be harder than they are, but I think I was just psyching myself up.
Plus, I had been working out regularly before.
I do not suggest going from nothing to Insanity.
That is just...insane.
But for reals, it's a great workout.
My legs have always been the smallest part of me and they are super toned.
I kind of don't like how big my calves are, but I can't complain that I have strong, defined legs.
My arms, shoulders, and back are also getting smaller.
I actually see definition in my arms and my back {especially my lower back} is toning up.
The ONE spot I'm having trouble with is my stomach.
This has always been my issue.
I can't complain too much because I haven't given up alcohol or the occasional midnight piece of pizza {or 2 maybe}.

But yesterday something miraculous happened.
I was at Kohl's shopping when all of a sudden I found a pair of Vera Wang skinny jeans I just had to have.
I had been looking for cute, comfy black skinnies for quite some time and I got just a tad excited.
I picked up a size 10 {my normal size} thinking they might be snug because skinny jeans sometimes run small.
I was super surprised to see that they were loose!
I went out to get an 8.
I have never bought a size 8...ever!
Even in high school I was a 10/12.
I freaked when I realized they were too loose also!
I almost cried when I slipped on size 6 skinny jeans.
Ok, so granted, they were a bit stretchy, but I could just imagine how one day all my clothes will fit better because I'll be in great shape and I won't only look great, I'll feel great.
I've lost 30 pounds total, with roughly 30 more to go.
I've been getting a little bit frustrated that the scale hasn't budged in a week or so.
Getting over those little hurdles can be difficult.
But I've done it before, I can do it again!
Plus, I have little rewards for myself.
After I lose 15 pounds I'm going to buy this baby...

I'm obsessed with this watch!
It's so gorgeous.
Well, I need to go to bed before it gets super late and I get hungry and start snacking like a ravenous raccoon...ridiculousness!
If you have any tips for getting over the half way slump mark, let me know!
Happy Monday, friends!


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