Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Things You Learn From Guys

You know how some girls are either "girly girls" or "guys girls"?
I think I'm kind of in between the two.
There's those girls who say, "I just don't really have any girlfriends".
Which usually means they're really pretty and get a lot of male attention so other girls hate them.
And then there's girls who are just way too girly and ditzy and guys can't stand them.
Well, I love pink and dressing up, but I also play/watch sports, drink beer, and can joke with the guys.
Growing up with two older brothers probably has something to do with that.

I've always been comfortable hanging out with boys.
One thing I love about it is getting their perspective on girls.
I have learned a lot from these relationships.
Here are some of the funny, ridiculous, sometimes stupid, and often times enlightening things I have learned from my guy friends:

- Animal print clothing is beyond slutty.  It is downright whorish.
- Lipstick is gross.
- The more clingy a girl is, the faster a guy will run away.  Guys hate desperation.
- "I hate makeup"

Guys, I'm going to help you out on this one.
Trust me: You do NOT hate makeup.
You may hate excessive makeup because the drag look is certainly out, but makeup can be a woman's best friend.
I once had a guy friend tell me, "I hate makeup. You go to bed with Stephanie and you wake up with Steve!"
I still laugh every time I think of that.
The point is, most guys like natural looking makeup.
So ladies, save the green eyeshadow/red lipstick/bright pink cheek look for girls nights...or just throw it out completely...

- If you ask a guy a question, expect a straight answer.  If you don't want to hear the truth, ask a girlfriend who will lie to you.
- Guys really don't like the top knot, bun thingy.
- If you dress and act in a way that demands respect, a guy will respect you.
- If you leave nothing to the imagination with your outfits, I'm willing to bet that classy isn't the first thing popping into a guys head when he sees you.

- Every guy thinks Jennifer Aniston is hot.  Like, all of them.  Even the ones who "don't like blondes".

That's another thing I don't get about guys.
How can you generalize and say, "I don't like blondes" or, "Brown eyes are boring"?
What if you meet a girl who is absolutely amazing and you get along great and she is everything you've ever wanted, but she has blonde hair and brown eyes.
Basing your opinion on someone because of small physical appearances, such as hair color and eye color, is the most shallow thing I have ever heard.
Plus, some blonde hair, brown eyed girls are really awesome...

All I'm saying is, it's hard for guys and girls to co-exist sometimes.
Ladies are so over complicated and analytical.
I say this a lot, and not in a mean way, but men are so simple.
They pretty much say what they mean and mean what they say.
I think women need to be more like that.
New Goal: Think Like a Man.
Like my friend Kevin and I say, "All girls are bitches and all boys are ass holes".
Just try to find a bitch or an ass hole that you love!
That's the hard, yet adventurously fun, part of it all!