Thursday, April 18, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Happy Thursday, lovies!
It's almost the weekend...yay!
I'll probably wake up tomorrow singing, "Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday..."
Just because I'm wild like that.
Anyway, it's time for some Awkward and Awesome goodness.

- Barely fitting into the bridesmaid dress for my best friends wedding.  Here's to 3 months of running and no eating... ;)

I die.

- In the past month, 3 of my friends/co-workers have announced they're pregnant and a plethora have become engaged {Ring by Spring, ya know!?}  The most exciting news in my life is that I finally cleaned my room...

- I went on a memorial run for Boston yesterday.  After I was done, I saw a group of runners that looked really fun.  I asked them if they were a group that ran together often.  One guy said to me, "We're a drinking group with a running problem." Ha!  He then proceeded to tell me all about it and invite me to join.  So guess where I'll be every Sunday and Wednesday evening?! haha
- I couldn't decide whether to put this under awkward or awesome, but decided it should go under the awesome column.  At work, I am given student's applications from the recruiters at the university.  I then take them to a coworker to be scanned into the system.  I am supposed to put my name on them so he knows who left the apps.  Eventually we became friends and I would write things like, "From LP, yo" or, "Get some work done, G"...I don't know why I perpetually talk like I'm Jenny from da block while at work.  Anywho, that's neither here nor there.  Today I wrote one word on the note..."Poop!"  He knew exactly who it was from.
- When above mentioned co-worker goes away for a couple of days...

I wrapped every single one of his pens individually.
Also, his scissors.
Pure evil.

- Apartment shopping.  EEEK!  It's so much fun to look at all the things I can't afford, but would sell my kidney for!  Shout out to Mama P for buying me some AMAZE Anthropologie stuff recently.  I will post pics soon!
- The video I just posted from Dove about beauty is great.  Here is the man's response to that video.  I died.


Well folks, it's almost time to crawl under the covers for some glorious sleep!
See ya later, aligator!


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  1. are going to be the most gorgeous bridesmaid at my wedding! Love you! 97 days and counting!!!