Thursday, November 28, 2013

Calories Don't Count on Thanksgiving!!

Often times I find myself grumbling and complaining about life.
"Why can't I just lose 20 pounds in 5 days?!"
"I don't have enough money!"
"Why did I leave my friends on the East coast, and move back to Alaska to live with my parents at 25 years of age?!" {Reference question above}.

In all seriousness, I am happy I moved back home.
I know you're reading this mom...

Then I remember how good I have it and to be thankful instead of grumpy!
I can go to the gym and work out really hard to earn a healthy lifestyle.
One day I will hopefully make enough money to live on and still be able to shop at Nordstrom!
I moved home to be with my family {parents, brothers, nieces [including a new baby niece!], Poppy} and to figure out what's next in my life.
I've been stuck in that quarter life crisis phase for a little while now and it's no fun.
This wonderful meme sort of explains how I've been feeling ever since I graduated college in 2010...

Haha It's so true, it's sad.

I have plans for the future and I will share them as they unfold in the upcoming months.
I find comfort in knowing God has His hand on my life and will guide my steps.
I wish my steps would lead me to some friends up here soon! haha
I have been going to a new church and am hoping to meet some people when I get involved in a group.
It's weird moving back to the place you grew up.
It's so familiar, yet everything is different.
That was deep...
Anyways, just a reminder to be thankful for what you have.
And a little tangent about being kind of lost, but what would this blog be without a few tangents now and then?
The answer is 'organized and thought out' but I prefer to be spontaneous and let the post flow how it wants to!
Since it's 2am I should probably get some rest.
I'll need it for all the eating I will be doing tomorrow!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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