Thursday, December 26, 2013

Goodbye Christmas

Every year I get more and more excited as December gets closer.
Christmas is literally the most wonderful time of the year.
This year was especially fun because I was able to be home for Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas.
I got to help decorate the tree and take my nieces present shopping.
Being home has been really great.
I love giving {and getting} presents and this year was no exception.
I got tickets to see West Side Story on stage with my mom, the Indiana Jones box set {Yippee! I've wanted it for years} from my brother, and this hat from my oldest brother:

Thank God for Instagram filters making me look less like a pasty white ghost.
Can I get an amen?

P.S. I'm also wearing my new Lime Crime lipstick in shade Airborne Unicorn.
It's really purple so I tone it down a bit with pink lipgloss.
I also bought shade Coquette, which is really pretty.
It is supposed to be a nude color, but looks a bit more peachy on me so I'll most likely use it as a base under lipgloss or over more bold shades that need to be toned down a bit.
The formula is so smooth, matte, and perfectly pigmented.
Favorite lipstick I've found so far.
AND the packaging is UH-mazing.

I'm. In. Love.

They have some pretty crazy shades {i.e. mint, bright blue, and black}, but a lot of their colors are super wearable, as well.
Check them out!*
I've been told I have a really good 'present opening face' because I act like every present is the best present.
That's literally because I get excited about everything. haha
Everyone loves getting gifts, but I LOVE to see peoples faces when I give gifts.
It just makes me smile.
I hope you had a great Christmas.
Now it's time to hit the gym and work off all that delicious food...that was totally worth it!


*I promise this post wasn't sponsored by Lime Crime, I'm just loving them right now! :)

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