Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Musings

What I'm Listening To: Say Something by A Great Big World Ft. Christina Aguilera

I'm a sucker for songs/music videos that make me cry.
This did just that.
I'm in love and have had this song on repeat for over a week.
I think Christina can be a bit of an attention whore {especially on The Voice}, but you can't deny her voice is KILLER!
Especially knowing she had a pretty bad childhood makes this video and her emotions even more real.

What I'm Reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I hadn't heard anything about this book until recently, but apparently it's really popular.
I'm about 4 chapters in and hooked!
As far as I can tell it's a mystery and about a mans wife who goes missing.
The town starts to suspect this man, Nick, of killing her, but Amy's diary shows a side of her that would make anyone go crazy.
It's really interesting so far!

What I'm Watching: Breaking Bad...still

And I'm not stopping!

What I'm Eating: Moose

Hopefully no one gets upset that I used a picture of Bullwinkle...haha

Ok, this might sound funny to all you non-Alaskans, but moose is really good!
It's very lean and doesn't have a "gamey" taste if cooked certain ways.
I'm willing to bet most people wouldn't be able to tell much of a different between it and beef.
Don't be grossed out...I promise, it's good!

What I'm Wearing: L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

I wear shade N1-2 {yes, I'm that pale}

I was skeptical at first because I oily skin and hear that this foundation works much better for dry skin.
The reason I decided to give it a try was because my skin becomes super dry during the winter months and can look flaky and dull.
Not with this foundation!
My makeup looks really pretty and gives my face a healthy glow all day long.
I do have to set it with powder, but it doesn't end up looking caked on at all.
I put on a light layer and would describe the cover as sheer-medium {maybe more on the sheer side}
It probably wouldn't be buildable up to a full coverage and again, if you have really oily skin, probably start with a mattifying primer and set with a powder afterwards.
Sometimes I get a little more shiny than I'd like, but I'd prefer that over dry, dull looking skin.

Well, guess what?!
Only FIVE more days till my birthday!
I'm so excited because it'll be my first birthday in Alaska with my family in 7 years years!
Looking forward to it.
I hope your Monday started off fantastically!
I'll see you again soon!


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