Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clean Eating Week 1

Like I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I are doing clean eating for Lent.
It's been 1 week and I'm down 5 pounds!
That's actually without working out too because I was really sick last week and wasn't able to go to the gym again until today.
Friday-Sunday I stayed in bed almost all day, but the past couple of days I have felt a lot better and have had some delicious, clean meals!
These carne asada tacos were one of my favorites.
My mom made this using moose steak and it was amazing!
I normally am not a huge fan of moose steak because it can taste a little bit gamey; however, with all the spices rubbed on it, the steak was perfection.
I omitted the cheese and used plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
Another recipe I really liked was salsa chicken.
The first couple of days were really hard.
I just wanted to run to the grocery store and buy a dozen donuts!
But after a week, it has gotten a lot easier.
I think after 5 more weeks of this I'll be ready to eat some chocolate, though.
Anyways, just wanted to give a little update on how the first week went.
If you gave up something for Lent I'd love to hear about it!
Also, if you know of some delicious clean recipes let me know!
Until next time...


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