Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let's Get Our Lent On

You may remember last year I gave up meat for Lent.
It was also when I started CrossFit.
Man, I miss it so much!
I'm hoping that once I hit my goal weight, I will join CrossFit again.
Two years ago, I gave up sweets.
By far, giving up meat was 100% easier than giving up sweets, mostly because I worked for a bakery at the time and dessert is my weakness.
Well, this year, my crazy mother and I decided to eat clean for Lent.
6 whole weeks of no overly processed foods, no refined sugar, no fried foods, basically anything with a list of ingredients on the box.
It will suck.

In preparation for the next 40 days of no junk, I did just the opposite last night.
I wanted to have "a last meal", if you will.
A hamburger seemed just right, but by the time I went out to order one, I was starving.
So, I did what many people do on a daily basis and I drove through McDonalds.
What a mistake.
I was up really late with an upset stomach, a headache, and bloating.
This is the type of feeling I'm hoping to avoid by eating real, whole, healthy foods.
My mom and I can put away some food, but for whatever reason, we can always stick with Lent.
Probably because there is a timeline and accountability.
For several months I've been trying to eat cleaner, but I could never stick with it.
My workouts are intense and long and I need way more calories than I'm getting and much cleaner fuel than what I'm putting into my body.
It's really frustrating to be working out like crazy and barely lose any weight, but obviously it's more important about what I eat than how much I work out.
All that to say, I'm really excited to see the results after it's over.
I'm hoping to continue with the clean eating lifestyle, but let's be honest, I'll definitely need a cupcake and a glass of wine after Lent is over.

Are you giving up anything for Lent?

Have you tried a clean eating lifestyle before?

I'll keep you updated!



  1. oh my gosh you're going to love eating clean! I mean... it'll totally suck the first few days, but you'll feel great! I did it for 6 weeks at the beginning of this year and I want to start up again! Good luck to you and your Mom :)

    1. Thanks, I'm really excited! That's awesome that you did it should send me some of your favorite recipes if you think of it! Day 2 was a flop because I got sick and have been in bed allllll day feeling like death. So I caved and ate some chicken noodle soup and applesauce. Oops! haha