Monday, May 19, 2014

First Date

As promised, I've decided to share with you my online dating adventures.
So, let's jump in with my first ever online dating first date!
I went out Friday night with a guy I'd been talking to for 1 month.
Now, I realize 1 month seems like a long time to talk before going out, but it was refreshing in contrast with all the guys who ask me out in the first thanks.
So, he finally asks me out and I basically have to tell him I want him to ask for my number.
In my head I was thinking how it's kind of cute that he is a old fashioned, taking his time, and not super forward with me.
We decided to meet up at a hockey game since we both really love it.
I was excited!
It felt like a good first date venue.
If conversation didn't flow it would be less awkward since the arena was loud and we could just watch the game.
Of course, I had the typical pre-date ritual of sending some of my friends a picture of what I planned on wearing, talked about how nervous/excited I was, and forgot to eat dinner, only realizing on the way to the game that I was starving.
As I was parking, he texted me that he was there.
After trying to find him at 2 different doors, and looking like an idiot, I finally spotted him.
I don't remember feeling nervous at this point, actually I was quite excited.
I was relieved that he was just as cute in person as he was in his pictures.
There was that initial awkwardness, but I navigated it with my usual bubbly, ridiculous self.
The next few hours were so fun and the game was awesome!
There were times when we sat and watched without much talking, but for the most part we were able to carry on steady conversation and have fun.
Walking to our cars after, I got a little nervous.
Did he have fun?
Will he want to see me again?
When we got to my car and said our goodbyes I was certain I had just been friend zoned.
But then he told me he'd like to hang out again.
Later that night I was in constant battle with whether or not I should text him to let him know I had fun.
I finally decided to go to bed and see how I felt in the morning.
Well, the next morning he actually texted me!
He said he had a really good time, which I will take as a good sign.
We've been texting back and forth since then.
I'm trying to balance the whole playing hard to get thing while at the same time reassuring him that I am indeed interested.
I think women have a tendency to obsesses, agonize, and analyze every little thing...I know it's not just me, right?!
There's also that irrational fear that if I don't text him he'll forget about me.
But I've just been reminding myself that guys like a little mystery, they like to work hard for something.
I'm trying to not get ahead of myself and get too excited.
Even my co-worker told me I was playing it really cool and not acting super giddy about it.
On the outside I'm all like:
But on the inside:

It was a great time and I hope we go out again, but if not, then at least it wasn't an awful online dating story that I know so many have!

Until next time...

XO Linds

Update: As I was finishing up this post, he texted me. So, maybe I am doing something right. ;)


  1. i am so glad that it went well!! i loved reading about this, and of course, your gifs are always so funny!

    1. Thanks Erin!! Hopefully there's more good news to report soon-ish. haha

  2. Haha! Love the Workaholics gif :) and love you!