Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Days

There has been a lot of #100happydays going around on Instagram lately.
I can't commit to posting everyday for 100 days, but I thought it would be great to start writing down things that make me happy or that I'm thankful for.
Too often we get caught up in the little things that are upsetting to us and completely miss something wonderful happening in our lives.
Everyday holds new opportunities.
I am happy that yesterday I got to spend the majority of the day outside in the beautiful weather.
A co-worker and I went on a bike ride along the water and it was amazing.
For the rest of the week I will be working 3-10pm so I'm very happy I spent my day off outside.
Plus the next few days will be rainy, so it works out that I'll be working anyway!
I didn't get a workout in today, but since I had an intense leg workout yesterday, plus a 2 hour bike ride, I think I can let today slide.
Anyway, I'm off to get ready for work now.
Happy Wednesday!

What are some of your get happy tips?

Do you write down things you're thankful for?

XO Linds

1 comment:

  1. I like the concept of 100 happy days for anyone who struggles with happiness or just needs a little reminder ;) I'm usually pretty happy because I am content and grateful. Of course we all have moments, but those are my keys to happiness. I definitely think you deserve a day off after all the exercise yesterday!