Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventures and Happenings

So many things have been happening lately.
Instead of stretching it out into 5 long posts, I think I'll just post a few pics and elaborate on those a bit.
 I took that bow hunting class for Becoming an Outdoors Woman, a few weeks ago.
It was SO fun!
I'm not sure if I'll ever actually go hunting with a bow {it seems like a lot of work and a bit more humane to shoot the animal with a gun maybe?} but it was awesome to learn something new and meet women who enjoyed the outdoors and hunting.
Also, a lot of my friends commented on how thin I looked in this pic.
I have lost another 6 pounds for a grand total of 35!!
I want to lose another 20 before California {in 32 days...}!
I met, hung out, and ended another online relationship.
Well, more like, we made out a couple times and haven't spoken since...
I. Hate. Dating.
I have some family in town right now and we went hiking the other day.
We just happened to run into this momma bear, and two cubs that aren't pictured.
It was the first wild bear I have ever seen!
That's crazy because most people who have grown up in Alaska see them often.
I guess I will just have to keep going on adventures.

Right now I have tons of family in town for my Poppy's 98th birthday!
Once I get all those pics together I will write more about it.
It was such a fun time!
This weekend I'll be going to the Kenai River for some red salmon fishing!
It's been years since I've been there and even longer since I've fished.
I will be sure to take some pictures while I'm there because it is absolutely beautiful!
Happy Monday!

XO Linds

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