Thursday, June 5, 2014

Second Date

Well, since my first date post went well, I thought I'd share my second one with you!
For a little while I wasn't sure there would be a second date.
There was a little bit of drama {mostly because of me and mostly in my head}, but it did force us to have the awkward "do you want to get to know me better" conversation.
That might be a thing I just made up, but I'm pretty sure you understand what I mean.
Sometimes I feel like boys are just clueless.
Then I remember that guys think girls are crazy.
I guess what it comes down to is we're just different.
I'll be completely honest, dating - especially online dating - is new to me.
You don't want to let the other person know you like them too soon, but you don't want to get stuck in the friend zone either.
There's that fear that he may decide I'm not good enough, pretty enough, outdoorsy enough {this guy loves the outdoors!}.
That's a really unhealthy worry to have and I'm working on it.
I keep reminding myself that dating should be fun, that I AM awesome and it's his loss if he decides to not pursue this further.
Anyway, about date numero dos...
This time we decided to meet for dinner.
I was less nervous than the first date, but still had some butterflies.
At the hockey game, we didn't exactly have to keep conversation flowing.
At dinner, you definitely have to be talking or it's super awkward.
Luckily there wasn't any of that.
Our waitress was this hilarious, tiny, Japanese woman who was so adorable!
Maybe she knew it was the beginning stages of a relationship because the first thing she said when she came to bring us our water was, "Ooooh hello gorgeous, you are just so pretty! Isn't she beautiful!?"
I think I turned 10 shades of red, but it made me feel really relaxed and laugh right off the bat.
As we were leaving {at 10pm} she says, "Where are you heading now?
I said, "Oh, I'm just going home."
She replied, "No, no! The night is still young. You should hang out longer!!"
Seriously, is this woman a matchmaker or what?
I loved her and we definitely need to go back to see her.
Anyway, I loved learning new things about him on this date.
We have been talking about 6 1/2 weeks, but since this is only the second time we've gone out, and really the first time we've gotten to talk much face to face, it was really nice to talk a little bit deeper.
Afterwards we talked outside for a few minutes and hopefully we'll be getting together next week too.
I gave him a hug and accidentally stepped on his foot, because I'm clumsy and awkward like that...but I think he finds it endearing, or at least I hope. haha
So, things are going well and hopefully moving in the right direction.
It feels strange to be telling all of you about my love life, but I think only about 10 or so people really read this so I'll be fine. haha
Just wanted to give you an update, especially you Erin! :)
Thanks for joining me on this crazy adventure!

XO Linds

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  1. sadly i am just catching up on all of this!! i have been out of reading other blogs for too long with family visiting and shalies wedding week! so obviously i have read all posts previous to this one, and i am sad that he stopped communicating with you!