Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Adventures in Dating

This past month was a whirlwind.
I've already talked a little bit about how crazy it was with family and work and I don't see it slowing down anytime soon.
What I failed to mention was I have been dating a lot more lately.
I sometimes don't want to get too personal with my love life on the blog because it would be so easy for a guy I'm seeing to look it up and read everything I'm thinking about him.
That being said, some dates are just TOO good to not write about.
For my first story, I've decided to go with a recent date.
This guy seemed pretty funny and nice over text.
He was cute and had a good job {which he constantly talked about - i.e. making tons of money and how he was super high up in the company...blah blah blah}.
I agreed to meet him one night for a drink.
I became increasingly unsettled about it when he started texting me things like, "oh my gosh I'm SOOO excited to meet you! We are going to have so much fun!!"
Dude. Chill.
We met and he seemed alright though.
We went into the bar and ordered our drinks.
I had a beer and he had some fruity shot.
Even the bartender gave him the beer before I said, "Oh no, he had the girly drink, I had the beer."
That gave the bartender quite a laugh.
The next hour or so I had to endure this 24 year old telling me about his 8 cars, how he went to boarding school in London {and he pulled out the most fake British accent I've ever heard}, he said he went to MIT, how rich he was, his experience dating a celebrity in LA, "accidentally" showing me a dick pic on his phone, and basically just making an ass of himself.
So, after his 5th girly shot, he was definitely feeling good and thought it was an appropriate time to put his hand on my leg.
At this point I said I had to get up early and needed to get to bed.
He asked me if he could walk me to my car.
I just expected him to be a gentleman and give me a hug or kiss me on the cheek.
I go in for a hug and he just plants one on me.
He told me, "I get what I want and I see myself with you."
Not only is that super annoying, it's creepy.
I've been dodging him the best I can, but gosh, kid is persistent.
The absolute BEST part of this whole thing is, when I got home I googled him.
It sent me straight to his Facebook page...
He went to community college in Arizona.

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