Monday, September 1, 2014

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Goodbye August, hello September!
Meaning all things Fall and pumpkins has begun.
It also means I have officially been home for 1 year!
This time last year I arrived back to Alaska ready for my next adventure.
And what an adventure it's been!!
I am such a different person in almost every single way.
I've lost 36 pounds and will continue because my goal is 70!
I miss my friends in VA so much, but am making new friends here.
It's been a slow process and sometimes I can get really lonely; however, it forces me to focus on myself...there's been some deep reflection going on lately. haha
I am slowly becoming a different person, for the better I think.
Breaking out of my shell which was always my comfort zone.
I was always more comfortable being the friend on the sidelines while I watched all my friends go out on dates.
I was always more comfortable hanging out with the same group of friends, doing the same things.
I never lost quite enough weight because I constantly gained it back and was afraid of defeat yet again.
That's not the norm anymore.
I knew I needed a change and moving home was exactly what I needed to transition from who I was to who I have become.
I'm excited for the adventure ahead and the changes that are to come.
August was a fun, crazy month.
The highlight was going to California to visit family.
 Got to meet my cousins baby, Hayden, at 6 weeks old! <3
 Ventura, CA
Seriously, couldn't leave without a In-N-Out stop!
Oh, I got a haircut!

I didn't want to leave.
My cousin keeps telling me to move there and live with her...
I'm so tempted.
I told her after I ran down the dating pool in Alaska I'd consider it.
Oh, you want to know more about my love life, do you?
Let me tell you.
If you need some excitement in your life, get the Tinder app.
I have actually met some really cool guys through it.
A few weirdos, but for the most part I've really enjoyed it.
This video on Buzzfeed made me laugh so hard.
It's so true.

It's just fun to meet random people {obviously, be safe about it} and go out and have a good time.
There's no pressure and I've actually become friends with some of the guys on there.
The thing that sucks about it is it shows you guys around your area which sometimes means he could be just passing through for work.
This is my current situation and I'm super bummed.
I just keep reminding myself...
Happy Labor Day, folks!
XO Linds

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