Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FALLing In Love

I think Fall is almost everyone's favorite season.
It's chilly enough to wear your cute boots and scarf, but not so freezing that you're bundled up like the Michelin Man.
Holiday drinks at Starbucks make me soooooo happy.
I love how the leaves turn yellow and crunch under my feet when I go for walks like they did today.
I also took my niece to the park to enjoy the sunshine.
 I had to take Josie out for a hike on Sunday, while reppin the Seahawks, because it was so gorgeous!
While I was walking today a song came on my playlist.
I was listening to the words and was surprised at how much they resonated with me!
"I still believe that you'll come knocking on my door when I least expect you to"
Yes, a million times, yes!
This song has been on repeat ever since.
There's something about the chilly weather that is refreshing and renewing.
The possibilities seem endless.
Even though my heart has been bruised a little bit lately, I feel like love could be just around the corner.
Even though I've been feeling lonely, new friendships could blossom.
That's what Fall is to me.
A new beginning.
If you are in the same place I am, I hope you see this changing of season as a fresh start, as well!

XO Linds

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