Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Over It October

Have you ever reached that point where dating just isn't fun for you anymore?
Seem to be stuck in a cycle of dating for a few weeks only to be let down or realize the guy is a giant jerk?
That's where I'm at now.
And I'm over it!
That's why I've declared this month to be Over It October!!
I decided to lay off the dating for this month and focus solely on me.
What I want.
What I need.
What I don't want.
Basically just taking a breather and remember what dating should be all about!
It shouldn't be a constant burden or stressor.
If it is, that's probably a good indicator that the relationship isn't right for you.
It's not always the guys fault.
My last two relationships {I use that term very loosely with these guys} had some major red flags.
I ignored them because, mostly, I just wanted to have someone to go out with and have fun.
I understand that sounds a bit pathetic and have even had people tell me that is a stupid reason to go out with a guy.
Maybe so, but the truth is, I'm lonely.
If I have the option of going out with a guy for a night vs staying at home for the 3rd Saturday night in a row...I'm mostly likely choosing the guy even if I know the fun feeling won't last longer than a night.
I finally broke down this weekend and decided I needed a change.
The revolving door of newness and excitement and rejection is just too much for me right now.
I get too invested and take it too personally when it doesn't work out.
Sometimes the timing isn't right.
Sometimes the guy is just a jerk.
But the whole point of all of this is that October will be my month.
I have decided to do something that makes me happy everyday.
I already have two friends on board, one in VA and one in Chicago! :)
Today, my coworker/friend, Greta, and I went on a wonderful hike!

 At the top, we met Joe.
It was his 40th birthday and he brought a beer with him.
He shared with us and we made a new friend!

The gorgeous panoramic view.
Seriously, how can you look at this view and not be happy!
Alaskan sunsets.
Nothing like it!

As I reflect back on the past several months that have let me to this place, I am grateful for the experiences, but my heart and my head need to relax a little.
I am, instead, going to focus on finding happiness and comfort in all of the wonderful things I have in my life.
Hopefully this month brings me some peace as well.
Happy October, friends!
May all your pumpkin needs be ever filled! :)

XO Linds

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