Thursday, October 2, 2014

More Hiking Pics

Here are some more awesome pics from my hiking adventures!

 Our friend that we met at the top took this amazing panorama of us.


It was muddy and steep and I was hanging on for dear life!

Over It October is on day 2 and going strong...or at least trying to.
Throughout the day, I try to focus on the positives in my life and dive into work, exercise, hobbies...anything to take my mind off the hurt.
If you don't know what I'm referring to, read my previous post here.
Today, I had a fantastic day at work, rented a funny, girl-power movie {The Other Woman}, and attended yoga class with my favorite instructor.
I'm really trying to get more into yoga.
I used to hate it, thinking it was too slow for my upbeat workout taste; however, I leave class feeling amazing and my muscles are always pretty sore the next day!
Haha Yes...this pretty much sums me up.

I don't really care that I suck because, like my instructor said tonight, "Yoga is about loving yourself, your body, your life."
I literally teared up in class.
Happiness is on the horizon and I'm chasing after it, people!
I hope you did something today, for you, that made you happy! :)


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