Monday, December 29, 2014

Girl Crush

I've been obsessed with Megan Davies for a while now.
You could maybe say I have a girl crush on her.
Speaking of, she recently did a cover of Little Big Town's song "Girl Crush" and it's amazing.

Every time I see her play it makes me want to take my guitar out.
Then I get frustrated because I will never be as good as she is.
Maybe my New Years Resolution will be to learn to play my guitar that I've owned for 9 years.
Anyway, this song is currently on repeat.
I always seem to gravitate towards songs about heartbreak and unrequited love.
These types of songs cut to my core, especially when they're poetic and quiet.
I think if I could do anything in life it would be to play music and sing.
Maybe not for a living, but for a hobby or be a local musician.
I've always been musical.
I grew up playing the piano and singing.
After college, I didn't really have anywhere to sing or play at.
Making music with friends used to make me so happy.
I think, for me, singing with someone is such a deep, connecting thing and I miss that.
In a world where that are so many things dragging us down every day, it's nice to find something that makes up happy.
Music makes me happy.
I want to share that happiness with others.
I think I might have just talked myself into taking guitar lessons in hope of becoming the next Megan Davies!

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