Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Manhattan on a Tuesday Night

I know it's been a hot second since I've blogged, but Over It October didn't work out too well.
In fact, I didn't get over anything and possibly found myself in even more of a conundrum when it comes to men.
Oy vey!
These past few months seriously made me consider moving to a bigger city with more men, but that seems a bit drastic...until I drain the dating pool in Alaska, that is.
I did, however, go on a really awesome date last night.
I'll be honest, I was not really looking forward to it even though it was my idea.
I suggested drinks and he countered with drinks and dinner at a pretty nice place.
This sparked my interest a little bit more.
He was extremely cute I might add.
Still, I had been burned by one too many guys that I felt this would be another flop.
I also have a tendency to get hooked on guys who act like a-holes towards me, which happened and has held me back from dating lately...yes, I know this is an unhealthy problem.

I don't really know when this blog became a dating/share my emotional issues with the whole world {or 3 people who will read this} blog, but let's just go with it, ok?
I promise I will have some more blogs up in the next few weeks about my weight loss, job update, family, and birthday/holiday festivities!
But for now, back to the date!
My last "date" invited me to a movie and when we got there he said, "So, I've got my ticket..." and made me pay for myself then left just as abruptly when the movie ended.
Anything date after that would have been considered amazing, in my opinion.
But this date was actually really great!
He was nice, attractive, smart, and funny {i.e. he must be crazy or I really hit the jackpot!}.
The moment I knew we'd get along: He told me he hated mushrooms and loved Indiana Jones.
I could have married him right then and there and we found quite a few more things we had in common throughout the evening.
He also complimented me on my appearance a couple times in a very respectful and sweet way.
He kissed my cheek when we were saying goodbye and didn't make any inappropriate advances.
I have had guys practically maul me on first dates before.
Remember this guy?
I feel like that really separates the men from the boys.
All in all, it was a great night and it convinced me there are some good guys left.
Now, to see if there will be a date #2...

P.S. the title of this post was just an attempt at a creative way of saying I had a Manhattan to drink on our date. It was delicious.

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